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We create concepts that are easy to make and will make a big impact on WRD. We believe that WRD should be superior over it's competetors. Unfortunantly, the owner of WRD stopped making ideas and implementing them so therefore it is up to us to keep generating ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

WRD Concepts is a WRD suggestion website where people suggest website features and we make a preview of it

Just simply make a suggestion in the suggestion subforum!

No, this is just a concept and there is a low chance it will be approved and applied by 2JJ1




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The Concepts

All of these concepts are made to make WRD better. We will never add weird or meme concepts. We make sure they are quality concepts and make sure there is nothing wrong with them either. If there is a problem please let us know!

Replacing Text With The Logo

A concept by me that would make the site look better

Making User Search

A idea by various users to make the website easier to use

Make Page Number Buttons

Another idea by various users to make the website better

Make a Personalization Tab

Idea by me that would get rid of blandness

Make a Viewers Tab

Another idea by me that would again, make the site easier to use

Make a Drafts Tab

An idea by Shade_0122 to help with long threads